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Posted on June 16, 2015

MyMovieLab is a place where the video story of your life and adventures starts. Let us tell you why. How do you use video footage of your memorable moments, holidays, adventure trips, etc.? How long do you wait for your friends to share videos from your weekends? In 75% of the cases, your answers are easily predictable. Either you haven’t seen any of them or you are promised to get them tomorrow for more than a year.

Stop doing this. It’s time to get help from professional video makers and editors. If you want to keep your bright memories and be able to share them with your friends, you should take care of the video editing. What is it all about? Video makers and editors will:

  • Cut poor shots
  • Use various filters
  • Add special effects
  • Choose good music and descriptions
  • Arrange your best moments
  • Create an impressive story
  • Customize the video according to your requirements

So, by asking MyMovieLab to help you with your video files, you will receive a custom made, unforgettable result and a precious experiece. What makes us unique among other services? This is what we offer our customers:

  1. High quality work and dedication to each project. Checking video editing services’ rates is not always a good idea if you want to get an impressive result. Look through service’s video examples and templates and they will tell everything for themselves.
  2. Flexible prices. The policy of our agency in general and each video creator in particular is to make our services affordable for each client. Therefore, our clients may name the prices they are eager to pay for each particular service and we will discuss it together.
  3. Free revisions. If you want to make some changes in the delivered video, you are welcome to ask for them. Our video makers will follow your requests and will make your video perfect.
  4. The usage of professional tools only. We only use the most up-to-date programs to complete our work, guaranteeing that your video is of a high quality.
  5. The possibility to upload several video files from various devices. Everyone knows how challenging it is to gather videos from all your friends after vacations. MyMovieLab provides its customers with an opportunity to use the same hashtag to upload several videos effortlessly.
  6. Help from a creative team of editors. By asking us to help you with movie making, you can count not only on your requirements being met, but also on our suggestions and ideas. Together, we will do our best to achieve an impressive result and present a good story.


Contact us anytime needed and get a brilliant result from the MyMovieLab team. If you are still interested in video editing services’ rates, you have a choice:

  1. To read our customer testimonials.
  2. To use our service and rate it yourself.

Let’s start using mymovielab.com now!


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