How to Use Video Editing Special Effects

Posted on October 7, 2015

Video editing special effects, also known as visual effects, are used to create all kinds of amazing visuals with several clicks. That’s why people adore video effects. There are lots of video editing special effects that you can use: picture in picture, effects of transition, jump cut, mosaic and so on. Such tools will make your video going into next level. We are here to show you how to use those effects in your videos.

Working with Wondershare Video Editor

You should import your files first before start adding them. Click the “import” button on the main interface or drag files from Windows File Explorer to the User’s Album. Such video effect app supports almost all video, audio and photo formats.
Now you can add media files and apply video editing special effects. Drop the file with video to the video timeline. Turn on the effect tab to right click the favorite template and apply. The effect you add can be applied only to the overlaid video.

When you are satisfied with the video effect you’ve applied, click “create” to save your video. You may specify some necessary sittings by clicking “format.” For playing the video on devices like iPhone, iPad, etc., click “device” and choose the thumbnail of the device you need. Also, you have an opportunity to share your video with friends on YouTube.

Free Video Editing Software with Effects

There are video editing tools which will not cost you a penny. We have tested some of them to show you the best. Sometimes video editing software may cost you some money, but you can use many free options as well.

We’ve tested some free editing apps and have rounded-up many more. We have even found one app that was used by Oscar-winning editors for making Hollywood movies. However if you want to edit short video with effect, there are some free video editors that can do this job.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Essentials is a set of programs for Windows 8. Movie Maker is one of them and it does everything that most users need to create videos and share them. Videos can be loaded into Movie Maker and organized by dropping them into the order you are willing to play. You can drop photos among videos and give a Ken Burns effect. You can cut videos into smaller parts and drop these too; you can trim scenes by setting start and end points. You can apply visual effects and organize into groups like motions, artistic, cinematic. With this app, you have the opportunity to remove a camera shake.

You can use several project themes and select one to add titles to the start, credits to the end and some transitions between videos. Text placeholders can be edited and transitions customized. You can even record narration for video, add sound tracks and captions, fade the audio in and out on videos and many more. The app has lots of options for computers, tables, phones and so on. Movies can be published directly to Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook. It is fun and easy-to-use tool for creating short videos.

Machete Video Editor Lite

This app is very limited and even the full program cannot compete with other editors. However, the lite version has some useful functions and it can load WMV and AVI videos for editing. You can load only one video, the app allows you to choose another video on the disk drive and insert it at the current point. You can extend the original video by adding other videos points throughout it. If you buy a full version, you can apply some visual effects and transitions.

One more thing, if you learn how to use video effects during editing, don’t do something like this:

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