Do a Video Edit with the Best Linux Software

Posted on June 8, 2015

Being interested in video editing for commercial or individual purposes, one will be offered a wide variety of editing tools and software. Professional software is widely used among video and movie editors, but is also used among amateur editors. We’ve prepared a review of the best online video editors for you to use while you work in Linux.

  1. Blender. Breaking with tradition, we will open our list with the best tool which will make your video edit an easy and exciting activity. Being able to import of videos, lay down video tracks, shorten clips with markers, title 2D and 3D, create transitions and to enact many other functions will pleasantly impress you. This Linux online video editor can be mastered without much effort after watching a video tutorial.
  2. KDEnvile is a relatively simple editing software which doesn’t need 365 days for mastering the basics. Keyboard shortcuts are easy to learn and use both for professionals and amateurs.
  3. Lightworks will provide the most demanding and sophisticated users with a variety of features and tools. Recently a free software version became available for Linux users. It supports SD, 4K and HD formats with new powerful features. You can get the benefits of the 10-part video tutorial and get answers to your questions on the Lightworks forum.
  4. Pitivi is a Python written online video editor with great potential. It is easy to use, but one can face difficulties while working with this software. However, this editor is well-made, with a user-friendly interface.
  5. OpenSHOT is a Linux software for creating, modifying and editing videos. This is one of the easiest programs to use – an alternative to Apple iMoive and Windows Movie Maker.

What Online Video Editor We Recommend

  • Avidemux is great for conversion and encoding purposes.
  • Cinelerra is mainly used by professional users (animators, designers, etc.) as it can handle a heavy load and works really fast.
  • Kino is suggested for home users.
  • LiVES software is a great choice for VJ and home users.

All of the services mentioned above have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one of them depends on your needs and your technical skills. If some of the programs seem too professional and complicated for you, you may consider our video editing service.


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