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Posted on May 8, 2015

Are you going to greet your friend and make him/her a surprise video congratulation for a birthday party? Do you want to make a clip about your surfing vacations? Want to impress your collegues at an office party? Are you trying to get your dream job and need to create a music video story for the application process?

Do not get disappointed if you lack experience in music video editing, or haven’t done it before. MyMovieLab is an online service which can make all of your ideas come true. No matter how crazy your ideas are and how unachievable your aims may seem, we will help you. Just express your expectations and requirements as detailed as possible and we find a solution together. Music video production is a flexibile sphere, but it still requires a list of primary aims to follow.

Being a customer-oriented music video maker service, we pay attention to the following points.

#1. We offer our clients a free 30-seconds trial to see a part of the video they are going to receive. They can ask for corrections if needed after getting the first draft. But this should not be a surprise to you, as many online editing platforms offer such a service. We want to tell you about how we work and what aspects we pay attention to.

#2. No matter how many cameras you’ve used while shooting your video, your main aim is to demonstrate the performance. And we will do everything possible to make an emphasis on it to impress your audience.

At first, we cut everything unnecessary – of course after discussing this with you. We never strive to visualize words of the song directly. It’s a not good idea to show exactly what a song is about – we believe a sense of mystery should be in the video.

#3. A great trick is splitting a story into separate shots from one scene and placing it into various parts of the video – music video’s aim is to create a mood – not to show a movie.

In our work, we strive to pay attention to close ups (if our client agrees) as they have stronger visual influence and make an emphasis on the richness of sound and images.

#4. Usually we offer our customers moving shots while providing music video editing services. Almost 100% of a music video is movement, dancing, zoom, and so on. Turn on any of TV music channels and make sure yourself.

If you are not sure how your music video should look, we can offer you a unique idea for editing – with the usage of exclusive techniques, color schemes, uncoventional methods and disconnected story lines.

We do not use any magic formula in our music video editing services – we just hear your needs and make them visible and understandable for others. If you don’t know the latest trends in music video production, leave this job to us and we will take care about making your clip impressive. If you use our music video maker services, we assure you that you will be satisfied with the result.

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