Top Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Posted on September 4, 2015

Do you have some high definition videos on your iPhone? Do you really want to edit your videos like a professional? There are some top video editing apps for iOS and you simply should select the best for you and begin your journey in video editing. The following apps will help you to develop movies out of your videos and do all types of interesting things on your phone.

  • iMovie

For iPhone owners, iMovie is the top video editing app. It will help you to turn different videos you shoot into a perfect movie with themes, various titles and sound effects. You can browse your clips easily and instantly share your favorite moments.

  • ReelDirector

ReelDirector is one more top video editing app that enables you do wonderful things in the name of making movies rather easily. Joining clips together, adding transitions and music to your video and son – this app can do it perfectly.

  • Magisto

Magisto is easy to use, you can make artist creations from everyday videos. You can use standard editing functions: different filters, trim and transitions. Magisto turns your everyday videos into exciting and memorable movies that you will want to watch again and again.

  • Camera Plus Pro

It offers amazing photo and video captures and sharing capabilities. It provides you with a great choice of movies recording, shooting models and nice filters. By the way, the app offers filters and distortions for photos.

  • ProCamera 8

It is a simple camera app at the surface, but it have lots of useful features. This app has gotten the full pack of controls with easy to use interface. You can set ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation. Also, you have independent focus as well as exposure controls like an alternative control to have a deeper hold over the looks of your photograph. If you need maximum quality, this app delivers with great support for the lossles TIFF format. Also, you can get control of the stabilization, JPEG compression and others. This app can record video as well as scan QR codes. That’ why this app can be considered as favorite camera app for iOS.

  • Camera+

The main functions of this app are white balance, shutter speed and going with controls of focus. You can use such options as rapid shots and tilt meter. This app has great photo and video editing options. However it lacks the intuitiveness of controls to be a favorite app. In any case, you can try it and see whether it’s good enough for you or not.

  • MoviePro

This app has been updated with support to the latest iPhone 6. It comes up with an all-manual video ride. You can squeeze the maximum out of the camera with bit-rates of up to 50Mbps. You can use such options as focus, locking the exposure and fully customizable zoom levels. It is a great app for beginners in video editing.

  • Kinomatic

This app gathers great manual video recording features and strong built-in editor. It has a simple and streamlined user interface. Here you can re-arrange trim and mix videos into completed video project. You can see separate buttons for white balance block, focus, and exposure. It is a new app, but it has all chances to become your favorite tool for video editing.

  • Videon

This app is great if you don’t need shoot of highest quality. It shoots films at the pre-set bit-rates, but its interface is very friendly. This app is also great for beginners in video editing.

  • Videocraft

This apps provides you with full manual control over your film composition process with basic options like reversing, panning, cropping and so on. The great benefit of this program is that there is no need to shell out lots of money on in-app purchases.


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