We Respect Your Privacy!

Posted on May 27, 2015

In the modern world of high technologies the problem of privacy is extremely significant. We are always treated to leave our personal data in the Internet, signing in or subscribing for something. Email, cell phone, sometimes even our address… We feel unsafe.

We understand you and your fears. Believe us. We feel the same. That is why our team has decided to minimize our interference into your private life. Be certain your videos will be safe.

Let us explain all the process of the customer video uploading:

  1. You upload your video material at mymovielab.com. You can also send us a link to the cloud service where you have uploaded your files before. (By the way, you can discuss the most convenient variant of upload with our Support Team. Look to the bottom in the right. Online support window)
  2. Your video is to be saved at our server. No third party intrusion.
  3. Only 1 movie editor will work on your video material. 1 order – 1 editor.
  4. And after creating your final movie all the initial video material is to be deleted in up to 60 days.

No copies. No shares.

We respect you and your privacy!

MyMovieLab Team

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