MyMovieLab TOP-15 Aviation Video Music Choice

Posted on May 22, 2015

All the previous day we’ve been editing. Removing bad shots, working with effects and filters… Whew!

And do you know, where we’ve stuck? Music. Seriously. It’s really difficult to find that very track which can satisfy everyone. Someone recommended rock, someone decided jazz was the best choice. One editor underlined, that our poll was ill-suited at all…

When we decided to ask our colleagues, we couldn’t imagine that our tastes were so unlike…

And here’s MovieLab TOP-15 aviation video music choice:)

1. 2 Hearts – Digitalism

2. Banks – Drowning

3. The Subway – Rock’n’Roll Queen

4. Guano Apes – Kiss The Dawn

5. Hooverphonic – Mad about You

6. Death – Painkiller

7. Ozzy Osborne – Life Won’t Wait

8. Jack Savoretti ft. Sienna Miller – Hate And Love

9. Apocaliptica – Angel

10. Katy Perry – Dark Horse (feat Juicy J)

11. U2 – Beautiful Day

12. Nirvana – Come As You Are

13. Erasure – I love To Hate You

14. Iron Maiden – Aces High

15. Wagner – Ride of the Valkiries

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