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Posted on June 2, 2015

We bet that most of your videos are like this:

  1. They all are saved in a folder on your computer, smartphone or other device and collect dust.
  2. Check out the previous point.

Isn’t it time to make changes and create something impressive out of the gigabytes of files you’ve never watched? Your video footage is nothing without a well-thought out story and video post production editing. Knowing how to use a video camera is not enough for creating an impressive movie. Your success depends on post production with all its circles of hell.

So, what is this video production about and why are there so many talks about it? To be brief, it involves graphic and sound editing, adding of visual effects and color correction. This is a summary of the previously finished phases of pre-production and production itself.

Of course, you can take care about everything yourself or ask for help from post production services, saving you time. By getting help from us, the procedure will include the following steps:

  1. The picture editing process. The stage presupposes organization of the whole process by gathering and marking all the files, shots, notes, etc. and laying them out into a sequence according to the script. The final point of this stage is the part when the video is “picture locked.”
  2. The sound effects editing stage is not obligatory, but if you need it, it consists of two parts: making all sounds clear and making anything that was supposed to be sound recognizable and legible. By getting video post production help from us, you will be able to specify your requirements towards the sound – what moments to cut, what dialogues to make shorter, and what additional effects to add.
  3. Adding visual effects. These changes may be either practically unnoticeable or impossible to forget. This stage encompasses everything from blending two shots together and rig removals to adding flying robots and underwater monsters to your footage.
  4. Correction of color. This stage may stay unnoticed too, as it aims to adjust contrasts between shots to make the whole picture look better. By asking help from professional post production services, you require to put an emphasis to some moments with the help of color.
  5. Adding music to your video. You may choose a track to use in your video or ask experts to help you and to get advice. Furthermore, you may specify moments where music will be most appropriate.

Once all that is done, our editors will show a draft so you can ask for needed corrections or state your approval.

Video post production can be a troublesome process, even for skilled and experienced camera and editing software users. Stop worrying about your post production process – enjoy the filming and we will take care of creating an impressive video story for you.

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