How to Make Your Pet Famous with Online Video Making

Posted on September 21, 2015

Nowadays, the Internet is exploding with hilarious videos of pets. It has become easy to make your pet famous. In case you want to make your favorite pet a star, or you just want to show how funny it is, check out our tips and tricks:

  • Create an interesting stage-name for your pet in order to attract people.
  • Make your pet special: find out a feature unique to your pet.
  • Make a social media account and YouTube channel for your pet.
  • Create an interesting story for your pet that everyone can understand.
  • Create a special shirt with your pet.

OR you can stick to the best pet videos of all times (like these in our post) and learn how to film pets on a practical level.

Dog Continues to Shine After a Fence Flip

Our life is full of funny moments, especially when you are walking your dog. While you are thinking about business, your dog can do some strange things. You should catch these hilarious moments on your phone.

The dog from this funny video is showing us how to recover from a clumsy fall. In this video, a dog meets a barrier on the way. Rather than slipping, the dog makes a flip-flop and lands on the other side of the net. It goes without saying that this moment is difficult to catch, but if you want your online video making to be awesome, don’t miss any chance you get to shoot a funny pratfall from your pet.

Chicken Steals Food from Cat

At first the chicken tries to peck around the cat’s food, and then tries to steal food right out of the dish. But the cat’s not going to give up its food without a fight. At the beginning, the cat holds his position, but when the chicken shows his full feathers, the cat surrenders its food.

English Bulldog Playing Pinball

Do you have a pet that likes to play games? Then you should watch this video of an English bulldog and learn a few tricks about how to film your own playing pet.
This video is a great example of interaction between different animals. If you film something like that with your favorite pet, we guarantee you will get positive feedback.
This nice English bulldog prefers Pinball to a boring chew-toy. The dog’s owner offers to play pinball with his dog and the pup immediately runs to the pinball machine in the basement. As the bulldog takes up his position near the machine, the owner starts the game. It seems like playing pinball in the basement has become their special routine.

The Never-Ending Story of Animal Friendship

Don’t think you’ve seen it all! We all remember a video when pigs are friends with dogs or when lambs hang out with lizards. Then comes a new animal crew: crow, cat, and dog. This 2014 video of a crow feeding a cat and dog gives a fresh breath of life to the old story of animal friendship. So, if you’re searching for new ideas to film with your pets, try to find friends for your favorite pet to perform with and become a YouTube star.
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