Helpful Tips for Better Film Editing

Posted on June 12, 2015

Film production and editing is all about creating an impressive product and making your story memorable. It presupposes a logical combination of shots for creating a holistic motion picture. Film editing is an art you can’t master completely, but you can learn and use basic tips and tricks to achieve success and become a guru of the process. We will help you to add emotions, action, drive and dynamics to your video. No matter whether you are limited in budget, or have a substantial sum of money at your disposal, pay attention to the following advice and follow it during the editing process.

  • Accompany film production with editing in your head. Imagine your future picture from the first stages – make close and wide shots, zooms, various special effects, etc. You can always edit, or delete them if they are not needed.
  • Think over the story before starting to shoot your movie, especially if it will last more than 10 minutes. To make your process more organized, name separate files in an understandable manner and order so you do not have to spend hours rewatching them.
  • Put your video files in a chronological order to make your editing process easier and quicker. It will be the frame of your final result.
  • Cut unnecessary fragments – failed shots, low-quality moments, etc. Do not overplay too much at this stage. Some shots can be handy later on and you won’t manage to restore them.
  • Tell the story that will meet your aims and will help you achieve the needed effect. Do not be overattracted with unnecessary pauses, long dialogues and endless shots of beautiful views. Feel the boundaries.
  • Add special effects while working on film production. Try to feel the message of these effects and their meaning and role in the movie. There are not strict limits and requirements in the usage of special effects – just understand your aim and make decisions about what is appropriate for your film.
  • Pay attention to the motion and body language of the main characters to guarantee their natural look and rhythm of their language.
  • Consider the 30-degrees rule for various camera angles. Do not move your camera more than 180 degress between various shots. Get the benefits of using several cams and various framings.
  • While adding sound effects, it is extemely important to take the mood you want to share with your friends into consideration – dramatic, joyful, suspicious, etc. A perfectly chosen music track will increase the power of your desired effect and give rise to the expected emotions associated with those effects.
  • Install more RAM on your computer if you want to edit your videos on a regular basis. It will prevent your computer from lagging and will keep your nerves safe.

We hope our tips have been helpful to you and that you manage to edit your film according to your expectations.

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