How to Make Unique Event Video Production Online

Posted on October 29, 2015

Whether you’re shooting a wedding, seminar or a festival, creating an event video can be exciting, interesting, and rewarding work. One of the benefits of controlled shots is that you can always try several things to see what really works with a scene. Move a light a few times. Test your sound with different microphones in various positions. Such methods are great in different environments, but event videos are not so controlled. That’s why solid planning is the most important step for you.

Every minute, 300 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube. This number provides information regarding the potential audience size for video content as well as the level of competition that exists in the industry. Event video production online is a great promotional tool, but how can you ensure that your video is outstanding in the market? We’ve found some tips from event planners to help you create an event video which goes beyond the ordinary.


How to Make Someone Giving a Speech Fascinating in Video

The first method to make your presentation better if someone is giving a speech is to use text on screen. For example, you may present a large text with a colorful background that covers a presenter’s face, and the video shows keywords flashing up on a screen. This is a great technique that uses fast-paced video production online.

If the words on the screen are continually changing, then the audience has to pay attention to keep up with the video and that makes for interesting viewing. It’s more entertaining than presenting a static shot of a person delivering a speech. Also, you may use animation for creating visual word presentations for all speakers. It can be used with video production online to underline the keywords from a speech.


If you decide to include animation, keep in mind that it should be creative. It’s not necessary to include a literal representation of the speaker’s topic. Your animation can be metaphorical. In this way, the audience will engage their minds and not just listen to the information. The viewers will concentrate on what the speakers is saying rather than letting the information pass by them.

How to Use Sound in Event Videos

If you really want to grab viewers’ attention, begin with a bang. A good upbeat track is perfect for immediately grabbing a viewer’s attention. With such music setting the tone of the video, you’ll tell your audience this is the video they should watch. If you want to capture the viewers from the word “go,” find a really great soundtrack to match your video.


Also, you may use a mix of the music track and the speech that is featured in the video. The mix may give priority to certain sound bites, so that you will have a loud period of music before coming to a section of speech, then end on key information before the music comes back in. When the music comes back, it provides the audience’s brain with time to adapt the information they’ve just heard before you present them with more information.

General Advice on Production An Event Video

Event planners who are search to make something really interesting should find video production services they may trust. You will find that if you provide video production services with very wide guidelines, but give them particular marketing aims and specify how you want to communicate with your audience, you’ll find success.


People working for video production services are very creative and like to be consulted about the kinds of techniques they’d like to use and how these techniques would connect with the audience. Let them show their creativity and you’ll get the impact you want from your video.

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