How to Make Budget-Saving Video for Your Start-Up

Posted on July 29, 2015

A skillfully created video presenting your services and products makes your company more attractive for an audience. However, a good video costs a lot of money to produce. What should a startuper do to get an impressive video and film production made for an affordable price?

We always stand for unique content and story. But a lot of work should be done by a whole team to get custom product. If your growing business can’t afford help from professionals, you can try to make a video by yourself. We’ve prepared a guide on how to make a promotional video on your own efforts.

  • Try to write a script by yourself. It will save your project a lot of money (instead of hiring a script writer). Of course, your scenario may be far from perfect, but you will be able to show the positive sides of your company. You can find a lot of articles on screenwriting and copywriting on the Web, which will help you to master script writing. If you’ve managed to think up an idea for your business and work on its development, you will definitely be able to create a fascinating story about your products and/or services.
  • If someone from your team has a pleasant voice, he or she can read a text to save money on speaking services. Listen to professional speakers and practice a bit by reading the text out loud.
  • Is any member of your team acquainted with musicians? Ask them to compose music for your video. Of course, you can find some track online, but be sure you won’t abuse copyright. You won’t be happy to see comments on YouTube that you stole a music track.
  • Download and install a program that will allow you to record your computer screen and to make a screencast. This is how the founder Dropbox started his business. Only after earning his first million he did create proffesional videos.
  • This piece of advice is for those who don’t care about content uniqueness – buy video samples on videostocks, for example, on Videohive. There you will find thousands of video templates. Choose the most suitable one for you, buy it, install the program After Effects and adjust a template according to your needs. If you haven’t worked with video design programs before, take advantage of online lessons. They will guide you on how to edit text and add your logo. But be ready to find similar content online for other types of services. This is the price of plagiarized content.

We hope our advice comes in handy when making a video for your start-up. If you need some help with video and film production and editing, MyMovieLab can help you as well. We are ready to edit your own video or transform a template according to your requirements and corporate style.

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