How to Find Video Production Ideas: Secrets of Pixar

Posted on September 23, 2015

Most probably, you are not going to produce the next Toy Story, but whether you are making a promo for Internet video production collection on Instagram or for your own home video studio, both require navigating the process of creating video production ideas.

If you are searching for some extraordinary video inspiration, Pixar is the best role model to learn from. Starting with the Toy Story series and running through to WALL-E and Finding Nemo, Pixar has produced 14 number one office hits. Nowadays, the company is an undeniable leader in the video animation industry.

Ed Catmull, the president of Pixar and its co-founder, wrote the book about creativity called “Creativity, Inc.” We are going to disclose the main secrets of this fascinating study in order to teach you how to find inspiration for your videos. It all starts with understanding how the process of creativity works.

Pixar Rule #1: Creativity is an Acquired Skill

Innovation is not a process that you do, it is a thing that you can see”. This is the main idea of the creative process that Pixar animators put forward as a reason why they have understood animation and become one of the leaders in innovations. This is also the main reason why they have produced some of the greatest films of our times. From the very beginning, Pixar studio has learned to see outside of the common persepctive. This approach has led them to great inventions. Therefore, remember that creativity is an acquired skill and you acquire it partially by learning to look at things differently.

Pixar Rule #2: Inspiration is the Process

When you watch a movie from Pixar, you watch a beautiful animation with a great story. It is easy to say that their movies are inspiring and innovative. What we rarely realize is the detailed processes that have been used to make such a phenomenal product.

People see the final video product but they never see the process of video shooting and editing. According to Catmull, it is usual thing for Pixar to start from some very basic (often terrible) sketches, before finally reaching something really amazing.

Creativity is a process and not only something that comes to our mind late at night in the moment of inspiration. Understanding this simple concept helps us to understand the true meaning of creativity.

Therefore, in order to make truly interesting videos, we need to constantly develop better videos. Your hit Internet video production masterpiece may occur after hundreds of previous failed attempts.

Pixar Rule #3: Justify Your Creative Ideas with Objectivity

One of the most interesting behind-the-scenes processes at Pixar is known as: “Braintrust.” This is a special focus group that the director of any film meets with constantly to get feedback for their ideas. The point here is to make the process collaborative: a key to success.

What is the lesson for you here? From the process of idea generation to final editing of your video, collaborate with people and get the feedback on your video before you decide to post it online. Always leave a room for feedback from a trusted people and experts.

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