How to Make Money on Digital Video Productions

Posted on December 18, 2015

Digital video productions are not only about creating and editing your home videos of special events, holiday celebrations, trips, adventures and so on. If you have professional gear, or at least a desire to find a part-time job to earn extra money, this post is a perfect start for you.

  • Music videos


Of course, you have talented friends in art, music, theatre, and so on. If not, try to find some to make music videos and get income from your video marketing production. You’ll be able to use their talents in the future and the experience will help you promote your services and find new, talented clients.

Music videos are not only about stylized clips. You may also shoot concerts and album presentations, for example.

  • Weddings


Engagements or weddings are the easiest ways to train your video shooting and editing skills and to earn some extra money (here you can read how to shoot wedding videos). After buying your camera, be ready to film some special events for your friends and relatives.

If they are too close of friends to take money from, you can at least ask them to buy a battery for your camera, or rent a microphone (adapters, light kit, etc.) If the people are not your close friends or relatives, you can still do a digital video production for them for free because they will tell their friends and family about you, giving good recommendations.

  • Real estate shooting


By being getting to know realtors, you may be able to make photos and videos for them. If they sell huge properties and private houses, photos are not enough. You’ll be required to capture each of the rooms, facilities, and nearby areas. It’s easy work and requires little in the way of any special skills or video shooting options.

  • Tutorials

No matter how old you are, you possess some level of knowledge, and there are spheres where you have acquired important skills. Don’t waste your talents and experience: make training videos for others and sell your skills. You’ve seen a lot of educational videos on YouTube; why not make some yourself?

If you’re not sure in your knowledge, consider interviewing (read how to edit interviews) your relatives and friends. Do you have a friend repairing laptops? Is your father a professional in changing oil? Is your aunt a fantastic cook? Share their skills with everyone.

  • Stock photos and videos


Keeping a wide storage of photos and videos on your computer is good, but why not make some money out of them? Have you heard about Shutterstock or other similar services? Make photos of beautiful landscapes, famous attractions, interesting people, and so on (read our guide how to make outstanding travelling photos). The majority of users look for 4k photos, but 1080p would be good enough for your photo and video marketing production.
ñ Join freelance marketplaces

If you are seriously looking for an additional income, register on specialized websites: Fiverr, Upwork, Stage32, Tongal, MoFilm. The last two offer solid money prizes for the best videos.

  • Special events


Sport competitions, concerts, conferences (or any other kinds of corporate events), college graduations, and many other special events should be filmed. Filming events requires no special skills, or significant experience. Just find the best angle to capture the event and share the video with your client. You may visit your school, or college, for example. Sport coaches often need video footage from the games to watch and analyze.

  • News reports


If you live close to a popular “news area” or near where something really interesting happens, shoot news reports and sell them to local stations. They’re usually limited in budget and need new stories to share with their audience. And here the quality of your digital video productions will be of utmost importance.

Video Marketing Production Editing Help

By shooting videos for commercial purposes, it won’t be enough to just create good footage. You need to take care about the editing process. If you’re limited in time and unable to master video editing programs, you can always count on professional help from MyMovieLab. Just share your video footage with us and receive and get your specified results within your stated deadline.

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