How to Film and Edit a Video: Industry’s Best Experts Advice

Posted on September 16, 2015

The thing is, not every video that you shoot will be great. As such, you should learn how to make an interesting video in order to get the best results. The most important thing that you need is expert advice. Who better than industry experts to help you out? In the post below, we’ve prepared pro tips from industry experts to help you understand how to film and edit a video.

Jeff Pope, producer and director

My tip for first-time video-makers is: plot is king. Focus on finding the perfect plot for your video. Find something that interests you and in which you want to be involved. Film something that you know. Mull over something that you know.
Make some research and understand what videos people like to watch. If you are able to develop the right plot, you’re halfway there.

Yum Yum Videos Co

According to Yum Yum Videos Company, the shorter your video is, the bigger audience you can attract. Don’t make it too short though; it is important to find a “middle ground.” Yum Yum videos recommend 90-second videos because that is the optimal size to prevent boredom while also showing everything you need to show.

The second piece of important advice from Yum Yum videos is really helpful. If your video explains something with a voice, you should use a professional voice-over. Why? The voice in the video is not just a voice that tells a story; it is a thing that makes the atmosphere, the mood, and the tone of the entire video. Therefore, you need a person who can speak professionally directly to your audience.

Expedia Production Crew

If you want the maximum impact from your video, you should think about your shooting location and background noise. If you make your video on a noisy, beat-up street, it is not going to inspire people.

Always choose different places to film: the beach, a restaurant, the pool, ae big house. Each location should tell a story about your video. Furthermore, pay attention to the background noise. Before making any film, research the area for any voices of passing trucks, planes, or lawnmowers. Be ready to re-shoot your video several times because there are a lot of unexpected circumstances that can hinder your on-location work.

Nate Riggs, Content Marketing Strategist

In the case of video, actuality is everything. If you made a video that has something related with current doings, trends, news, or a hot topic, people will talk about it. People love to share breaking news first. Also, the entertainment component of your video plays an important role. Most popular videos are those that consist of some drama or comedy. For example, a video called “Drunk Yoda” got over a million views per day because it was released on the official “Star Wars” day.

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