How to Add Text in Film and Video Editing

Posted on October 15, 2015

All videos and films are remembered for their stories, soundtracks and visual effects. But text is an inevitable part of a video story as well. Video text is not only about the title. How else can you organize your interview without mentioning speaker’s name and the activities he/she is famous for?

Discover text-adding tricks for easy film and video editing. Let’s start with main types of video texts and their peculiarities.

Let’s Start with Title

The first card is a face of your video – take care about its background, make sure the text font is readable and user-friendly. Take into consideration the style and mood of your video


They are used by video editors to translate someone’s words, to help viewers with hearing problems and to help understand the speaker who doesn’t speak clearly. Subtitles are usually placed at the bottom and do not require any special formatting.

Lower Thirds

This kind of video text material is named due to its location on the screen. It is a way to identify the person who is speaking, or a described event – its location, name, etc. By being creative, you will manage to include some branding elements to this type of description to make your services or products more recognizable.

Credits or Captions

Finish your video by mentioning the crew who worked on it: editing videos online and its heroes, of course. The traditional version is black and white. But if a mood and style of your video material allows you to experiment, you are welcome to do so.

Adding Text in Process of YouTube Film and Video Editing

By sharing your video on YouTube, you will be offered to add notes to describe your footage in the best light. Even if you are not going to promote your video material, add the following information:

  1. Video title. It will be displayed in YouTube and in the browser.
  2. Description. This is a kind of accompanying text to your video. You may present a story, speak about video creation or share your impressions.
  3. Choose the right category for your video.
  4. If you want to make your video recognizable and easy to find, add tags.

After saving the changes, you will be recommended to think over other details of editing videos online – map locations, thumbnail versions, etc. And since we are talking about text elements of your video clips, it’s time to think over the annotations. You may publish speech bubble, note, spotlight, title or pause by clicking “Add annotation” button in YouTube menu. Choose a moment when you want your annotation to appear on the screen and save all the changes. It’s also possible to add links to your annotations and other marketing information.

YouTube is very easy to use in film and video editing purposes. Even first-timers can customize their video footage. What about other online video editors? Is it as easy to add text to your video as on YouTube?

Adding Text in Online Video Editing Programs

Sure, it’s simple. One should follow several steps to add comments, headings, and other text elements.

  • Find “Add Text”, “Make Title”, “Add Credits” or other buttons of such kind. They are easy to find in any online video editor.
  • Write a name and other information you need to add.
  • Save the changes.
  • Preview the result and edit it if needed.

If you use your mobile gadgets for editing videos online, the procedure won’t differ much from previously described actions. You will be offered a lot of options and features that can be easily mastered.

Human Help in Online Video Editing


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