How to Shoot Videos of Active Sports with a GoPro Camera

Posted on July 16, 2015

If you are a beginner in GoPro filming and like active sports, we offer our tips on how to make your video footage impressive. Keeping your clips on a server is not a good idea, so be sure you can make a HQ material and edit GoPro videos later on.

GoPro is a specific type of movie making equipment. It differs in:

  • Its size and weight
  • Wide angle of view
  • Absence of a screen


To make an inspiring windsurfing clip, professionals recommend to follow these tips:

  1. Familirize yourself with all options of the GoPro camera before standing on the surfboard.
  2. Purchase floaty back door gear. If your camera drops in the waves, it will be visible on the surface due to its bright color.
  3. No matter how difficult it may sound, try to avoid water drops on the port so as not to be annoyed by their presence in your clip.
  4. While shooting a video of your friends, get as close to them as possible to make astonishing cadres, especially when slow motion is required or wanted.
  5. Do not underestimate the importance of camera photos. They will be viewed more often than videos and can be spread over the Internet for different purposes.
  6. Demonstrate your creativity. Do not hold the GoPro camera in your hands all the time – try to move it, attach to some objects, hide it, etc.


  1. Set up the frame rate, resolution, field of view and other features in advance so your mountain biking has no disturbance.
  2. Choose your perfect mount – helmet, hand or other locations. Remember about the wide angle lens of GoPro cameras, allowing to shoot amazing views and to edit GoPro videos later on. The more the gear is distanced from the ground, the better view you will receive. If you want to place a camera on a mirror, it won’t work because of vibrations.
  3. Use GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp to attach your camera to different locations on your bike.


These active sports do not have the opportunity for many filming options – either you use a stick and shoot it yourself while flying, or you attach a GoPro camera to yourself and show the view from various perspectives. The issue of primary importance one should define: the aim of your filming. By knowing your purpose, you will be able to make needed settings and enjoy the desired result.

  1. Frame size designates video resolution. The bigger the number (960, 1080, 2,7K, 4K), the more pixels it supports.
  2. FPS (Frames per Seconds). If you want to shoot freefall without any tricks and tigth formations (which lasts, by the way, about 60 seconds), choose 30 or 60 fps.
  3. Aspect ratio. If you want your video to be properly formatted and edited in the future, stick to 16:9 aspect ratio. Your video editor will be grateful to you.
  4. Field of view. By being designed to scope a wide view field, GoPro cameras do not require the highest FOV rate setting.

There are a lot of other settings to pay attention to – photo resolution, wireless control, spot meter, auto looping, time lapse interval and others. They are used in accordance with your personal needs and the result you are expecting to achieve.


  1. Shoot your video with a stick. While skiing or snowboarding, you are recommended to hold a stick attached to the camera to avoid vibrations and jolting. GoPro is a kind of stabilizer, the longer it is, the clearer your picture will be. If you are fond of snowboarding, it is better to use a telescopic selfie stick so you can put it into a backpack when necessary. The GoPro camera is always pointed at you – no matter how you turn it.
  2. Shooting from the first-person perspective. One is recommended to fix a camera to the helmet by means of stickum. Do not overdo with this method. By moving your head all the time, you won’t be able to shoot a static video story. In the result, you will get separate shots with no meaning. Use this method for more dynamic moments.
  3. Close up and far-distance view. This piece of advice is one of most common GoPro video editing tips. When editing your video, you will evaluate the real meaning of this tip. Various views make your movies more dynamic and exciting.
  4. Use a variety of perspectives. Think over your story in advance and choose creative views. Combine GoPro filming with static cameras (move towards them to shoot the most exciting moments).
  5. Safety first! Do not shoot tricks you are performing for the first time. Your attention will be directed both to the camera and your board (skate, etc.) and can win a prize for the funniest fail at best.

TIP TO REMEMBER. Name your camera!

While preparing this article for you, we’ve found one really wise piece of advice: to write your name and phone number on the battery, or camera itself. Losing your camera during the filming of extreme conditions, you can still have a chance to get your camera back if you properly label it with your contact information.

Knowledge and understanding of all these tips will help you to create great video footage. But it is not enough for an impressive video that you will be able to share with your friends. Stop keeping gigabytes of recordings on your computer – save the most memorable moments, fails (of course) from your trips and active adventures.

Think over the locations and places to attach your cameras, storylines you are going to shoot and other details. We will take care of making your footage a watchable story. MyMovieLab GoPro video editing service is a team of movie editors devoted to making seamless videos for others.

Do not get disappointed if you haven’t shot such a video yet. Send us your home videos – from your family holidays, vacations or everyday moments and we will make an impressive story for you. You will get the best result from us!

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