Top Things Your Corporate Video Production Should Include

Posted on June 23, 2015

Marketing video production is about making a great impression on potential customers by the means of special effects and an interactive story. Increasing of the visitors’ engagement and presenting a deep insight on provided services are the main aims of corporate video production. They do not only explain what the company is engaged in, but also shows how it differs from its competitors and what makes it so unique. One should follow several advice to increase a customer’s trust and to make their video persuasive and memorable.

  1. We won’t be original and recommend you to analyze your audience’s needs and define your aims. Marketing is about selling your products and services to people who are interested in them (or still have doubts whether they need them). To deliver your key message to the client, you should know their preferences, tastes and needs.
  2. Present an emotional story. An informative video clip will be turned off within several minutes unless you appeal to the audience’s feelings and emotions. Make them remember your message!
  3. Show your advantages, do no tell about them. You may present your descriptions in texts, pictures, infographics, but not in a marketing video production. Why give explanations about how your service works, or how people can benefit from your products, if you can simply show this?
  4. Define your aim. Choose your priorities and decide what you want your users to do – buy your product, take your services into consideration for future needs, find out what benefits they can get from your goods, etc.
  5. Consider the “give me more”trick. This is the most tough purpose to achieve in corporate video production. One should make their audience watch more and to get to know what happens next.
  6. A great idea is to show your beliefs. Do not simply demonstrate what your team does, explain your motives and goals. Share your values, your philosophy, your plans and your way of thinking – your clients will appreciate your sincerity.
  7. A call to action is a must for an effective and memorable video. You main aim is promotion, so make your audience cooperate with you.
  8. Pay special attention to your video’s audio track – it should express your mood and make your presentation dynamic and exciting. Do not take music from famous ads, movies, fashion shows, or other popular events. Do your best to present your brand in a positive light, so make an original music background which will add mood to your marketing video.
  9. Keep your customers in focus. Explain why your products and services are important and how they can be helpful. Stop telling about the history of your company, its co-founders, blah-blah-blah… People are not interested in these facts at all. Make your video lively and simple. Demonstrate the uniqueness of your service and the benefits your customers can get from it.

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