The Secret of Success on YouTube: Video Editing Ideas

Posted on October 5, 2015

The best part of making video is not using a professional camera or watching your name scroll along in the credits; it is the chance to make an impact on viewers. There are lots of incredible resources available today that can offer video editing ideas and can bring your video to masses.

Of course, video editing and finding distribution has never been easier. YouTube is an original platform for lots of reasons. To start working with it, if you are interested in video editing ideas, you will need to use a video editor.

YouTube Video Editor

First, sign to your account. You may select from videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube or select from others that are copyright free. Also, you have an opportunity to use audio tracks provided by YouTube to use along the videos.

When you choose a video, you can view it or drag it down into the video path below the listing:

You may add a transition between first video and the next one you choose by dragging the transition down to the path like you did with the video itself. Then you can add another video and repeat that process.

Then you can add the audio track by choosing it and dragging it into the audio path that is below the video path. After that, you can publish your new video to your channel by clicking the publish button.

How to Attract the Audience

Do you want your video watched by as many viewers as possible? YouTube gets more than one billion users each month. Those users watch more than six billion hours of video. For those who start their channels, competition is high because more than 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute. YouTube is a site full of vloggers, tutorials, music videos, prank videos and so on and so forth.

One way of cutting through competition for companies that have various YouTube channels is to create a network for improving optimization of a channel, audience development, funding and so on.

Multi-Channel Networks

Success on YouTube relies mostly upon consistent upload schedules, experiments with new formats, practices in keyword optimization and so on. In addition to promoting videos on social media, it helps to interact with other brands. The fastest way for growing channel on YouTube is to be connected to the community. The most important thing is to earn loyal followers who interact across channels.

Generating Revenue

If you want to monetize the videos on YouTube, you should ensure you have worldwide commercial usage rights to 100% of everything in your videos. Using licensed videos and music is a good solution for improving the production quality.

If your channel doesn’t have any copyright strikes, you have an opportunity to become YouTube Partner and as a result you can monetize all your content. Advertisers will pay a particular price per thousand for showing ads on your videos.

Also, you can increase the revenue by working with MCNs and attracting sponsors. After you gather a fan base, think about diversifying the brand. YouTube stars can use the platform as a jumping-off point with great opportunities and bigger eventual payday.

Success on YouTube depends on the kind of content you create and your final goal. YouTube is not a good place for you if you only make one great video to show. Of course, you can find your audience, but branded content is the best for you on YouTube.

There are lots of competitors, but if you have a niche, you can be successful on YouTube. Collaborating with other channels can unlock some doors for you. YouTube is a perfect place to build the fan base and grow your brand.

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