Human vs. Machine

Posted on June 3, 2015

Constant opposition. Constant contest.

If the first one cannot be free of charge, the last one can. But what about quality? Even nowadays in the age of high technologies machines cannot be effective enough to perform some tasks. (The word “some” here is not accidental). To perform a large amount of work with the average qualitative results is a can-do task for machines.

People on the contrary are finite in accomplishing a number of tasks in the limited period of time. But they are more effective in terms of quality. So our question again? Human or machine? Tomorrow we are going to start the series of experiments on the topic “Human vs. Machine”. Of course, in our professional sphere – Video Editing. We are going to try several machine applications/programs.

Task — working with raw footage, its editing
plus working with music and visual effects.

We are really curious to know, what we will get.

Why the results will be true to life?
Because you can also do all this stuff with us/instead of us.

About our Tester

PC: IT literate, PC friendly.
Patience level: high.
Professional skills: result-oriented.
Additional: non-smoking =)

Let’s start using now!


Upload your
video raw files


We edit your videos,
add music and effects


You get the finished