GoPro in Media Marketing?

Posted on July 22, 2015

The GoPro company announced a new platform that allows video creators license their output. It is a new step in video advertisement. Both sides (the buyer and seller) will benefit for sure. GoPro is also involved. Here it acts as a contractor, who has its margin.

The GoPro Licensing platform is created for both the seller and buyer to be registered to access. They try to provide only HQ videos. ¬†And you, as the creator of the content, has an option to watermark even preview of the video. In this way the seller is protected from the buyer’s unwillingness to avoid payment.

Now there are more than 570 videos available. About 10 videos in 4k resolution. The service doesn’t provide any options on sound or visual editing. The user can search the video content using robust filters, tags or by creator’s name, as well as the name of the athlete.

The price of the 6-month license for a video is $1,000. GoPro fee here is unclear.

They are not the first one who proposes such a service. There is a number of alike companies that also offer point-of-view videos. Transforming the hardware brand into a media one is an obviously successful step made by GoPro.

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