How Fashion Brands Use Internet Video Marketing Successfully

Posted on October 27, 2015

YouTube is a site with a billion users that has a huge platform for brands to present their products. But people don’t want to watch an advertisement that looks like advertisement. It’s not effective for brands to simply post their advertisements to YouTube. So, how do brands deal with internet video marketing successfully?

Some fashion brands learned that they should slant their content to look like they’re not selling products. Videos should entertain the audience. This idea is called branded content. It’s the most likely way to make your internet video marketing work.

When a person is watching a video, they should be exposed to the brand name and to key marketing messages like those placed in a regular ad. Brands that follow this internet video marketing strategy will gain a higher amount of views on their videos.

Fashion Brands and Their Strategies

  • Chanel

Chanel has more subscribers than any other fashion brand. They know how to use video production marketing for YouTube. A great example of this is a video called “Reincarnation.” More than three million people have watched this film:

A film called “Chanel no5: The One That I Want” has been seen more than eleven million times. Chanel knows how to use music in their videos properly. It’s also important for successful video production marketing.

It’s no secret that not only models are shot in Chanel’s videos. They capitalized on people’s interest in certain people. Also, the brand does great because they offer a variety of products like bags, perfumes and so on. They have a lot of opportunities to make creative videos and be successful in video production marketing. Their imagination is the key for being more successful than other fashion brands.

  • Dior

The most-viewed videos by Dior have big stars. Do you remember an amazing video with Charlize Theron called “J’adore Dior?” This video has been seen by more than 27 million times, more than any of Chanel’s videos.

This video has a song that was commented on by many people. The first five seconds play a big role in whether the viewer will decide to watch the video or not. You see the hallway with chandeliers; the song starts to play and Charlize Theron pulls off her heels. That’s the way to grab an audience’s attention and make them watch the video till the end.

Another smart move by Dior is to make teaser videos to grab viewers’ attention before the actual video comes out. Teaser videos hook viewers when they are on YouTube and are likely to persuade them to watch the entire video if a star they know is featured.

  • Net-A-Porter

This channel doesn’t have many followers, but they do a great job through what they call “Edit TV.” Here you can find fitness and lifestyle videos, celebrity interviews, beauty advice and so on. They add new videos every week, so that people can come to the channel for a new piece of advice – a smart step. Many people who care little about fashion videos still enjoy celebrity interviews, so Net-A-Porter offers these – another smart decision. Each interview has a logo: “Net-A-Porter,” at the end of the video, so that people will check out the channel for more videos.

“How To” videos are very popular on YouTube. Net-A-Porter is not an exception here. Their videos are really helpful in everyday life. Here is an example:

This channel does a great job in reaching large audience with the help not only fashion videos, but with interviews and useful tips as well. So, Net-A-Porter is a brand that attracts a steadily growing audience on YouTube.

YouTube is a great platform for fashion brands to gain influence and power. Videos help people to become interested in buying products. Using YouTube for marketing purposes is a great idea, though it can be rather difficult to handle. If you want to make a channel on YouTube, but don’t know how to edit videos in a proper way, get help from MyMovieLab. Our professional editors will choose the best moments of your video and the right music for it. We have affordable prices, though we don’t compromise on quality.

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