Cool Video Editing Effects to Make It Stunning

Posted on September 10, 2015

Are you tired of the ordinary video effects? Do you need some cool video editing effects that can make it more absorbing? We have prepared a list of great effects which you can use while editing any video.

Introduction of the Effects

  • Split screen effect

The split screen effect is the concept that shows two video simultaneously in a given sequence. You may use this cool video editing effect in some instances – when you are creating a fast paced promotional video, comparison video or video like you are having a conversation with yourself.

There are some easy steps to get a split screen effect for amateur editors. Load two videos into iMovie project for example. Choose preferences and ensure “show advanced tools” is checked off. After you do this, take the first clip and drop it in the timeline. Drag the second clip on the first one. Release the mouse button when you see a little plus sign on the cursor appear. Choose side-by-side. A second clip should appear above the first in the timeline. You will see the deafault effect if you out the playhead over that area.

“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” is full of split screen effects.

  • Fast Motion

One more cool video editing effect is fast motion (time lapse). Time lapse is a great way to include something to your videos that takes it from a more standard basic viewing experience to something a bit more exciting. It’s a good way to transition between scenes and can give the audience the indication of how much time you want them to feel has passed when there is more footage than you have time for.

For video production and editing with fast motion effect, place the videos you are going to adjust in to the timeline. Choose the video and click “Clip” in the menu. Choose the speed you want the video to go. Choose “I” for the inspector and edit the speed through percentage or duration.

The example of the fast motion effect:

  • Slow motion

Slow motion is widely used in video production and editing of movies, music clips to provide atmosphere to a video and help the director show actions that could be missed by the audience at a normal speed. If you like to watch films in slow motion, we know how to do it right. You don’t need to get a special slow-motion camera for that. You can use, for example, Movavi Movie Editor.

To deal with video production and editing with Movavi Video Editor, you should install the program on your computer. Add the file you want to recreate to slow motion. Drag the video to the timeline. Choose Slow Motion from the context menu. Specify how much you want to slow the video.

The example of a slow motion video:

  • Jump Cut

Jump cut is the only one of the most commonly used video editing effect in the online video space. Many YouTube vloggers use this technique to make their videos more dynamic. Engaging and interesting. Jump cut helps to stimulate multiple shots without using multiple cameras. It will provoke people to watch your video longer than a few seconds.

The plus of using a jump cut is that you can use only one camera while still making your video interesting. Do as much as possible to make sure your shot looks as best as it possibly, it can be even possible if you are just using a webcam.

  • Tilt-Shift

If there is any video effect that is more fun to watch than the time lapse, it’s tilt-shift effect. It is a camera trick that changes a real-life scene into scene looks like it is built out of miniatures. The popularity of the tilt-shift look is in part because of the accessibility of 35 mm lenses, the ability of DSLR cameras to shoot video and editors software capabilities to stimulate the look in post production.

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