Check Out Great Examples of Corporate Videography

Posted on October 23, 2015

According to GoAnimate, 60% of audiences prefer watching videos about a company than reading about it. Compared to text, video attracts three times as many clicks. Videos have become an important part of the marketing strategy of any company. We’ve found great examples of corporate videography that have different approaches in enhancing business.

Unsung Hero

The video of Thai Life Insurance is a good example because it speaks directly to an audience’s emotions. This video helps to associate the Thai Life Insurance company with ideas of social responsibility, hope and kindness. It’s like a short film: pleasant to watch and inspiring. That’s why corporate videography of Thai Life Insurance boasts a high view count.



Honda Civic R

This corporate video is one of the most innovate commercials of 2014. It gathers two kinds of audiences: family drivers and thrill-seekers. The interactive element of this video adds a higher potential to go viral on social media. The video gives something to explore. The audience is in control of what they watch as the video has a simple interactive element. It’s perfectly executed corporate videography.


This video is a good example of how to effectively use animation. The video announces the arrival of Spotify in the USA. It demonstrates the great advantages it has. The video tells everything you need to know about Spotify just in one minute, with time left over for instrumental breaks. There is also a direct call to action, placed at the end of the video, so that you have no chance to resist it.


Rackspace found the solution for those who are worried the videos you’ve watched already in this post are too intensive and complicated. The video was shot and edited in one day! Of course, it’s not perfect, but the key to its success is its simplicity. The video shows the overall enthusiasm and team-spirit of the company. It’s a great technique to attract people to your company.


Canal+ made a campaign called “The more you watch Canal+, the more you love cinema.” From the very beginning, the video grabs the viewers’ attention. It retains it by having a bear rug walking and talking as a director. This video is really fun to watch.

University of Rochester

This video is a good example of an educational promotional video. The university promotes itself as a creative and active institution. The students tell you about the university like rap stars and show the campus. The video targets a specific market.


This one has a unique approach: to make the best worst video. It’s really successful. It demonstrates the things you don’t want to do. The creators balance between total flop and hilarious parody.

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