Best Video Editing: for Gods or Mortals?

Posted on May 6, 2015

Each of us has own points of view and life principles. That is great because in such way, humanity makes confident steps forward the high-technological future.
I am always curious how people today understand such a phrase as “best video editing.” Some people say that good video means an absent of intrusive noise, others can say it is an interesting one etc.

What is the First Need of the Best Video Editing: Patience or Saving Money?

Photos and videos: what are they? Just funny things to look at from time to time or maybe an opportunity to show your coolness to the children?

Certainly, photos and videos are an essential part of our lives. For example, you are keen on skiing and decided to go to the mountains. I am sure that you would like to take a great GoPro camera. Imagine those exciting sights and extreme down-run. Such moments last forever in our memories, but some details can be so forgettable. That’s why we use services of professionals for video and photo editing or buy video editing programs. Maybe, I will be running ahead of the article, but not all people have enough money, are patient and have the specific knowledge to cope with video editing.

I should admit that editing videos on your own has advantages and disadvantages. It is about time to look at the list of programs which you will need to pay for.

The 6 Best Video Editing Services!

Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate

  • Description: it has a quite attractive interface and many video effects. One of the main advantages of this service is that a user can easily upload his video in social networks, such as Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube. For a long time, Pinnacle has been a favorite service for video editing.
  • Advantages: you do not have to be a real pro. This service suits even those, those who are at an intermeditate level in video editing.
  • Disadvantage: is the price. It costs $114.99

The next one is AVS Video Editor

  • Description: a big amount of effects and more than 660 transitions, and different text options. However, it is easy to use. The price is – $59.
  • Advantages: it supports many formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, QuickTime, HD and Adobe Flash, mobile video, etc.
  • Disadvantage: Not as many tools, like Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate.

Do you want to buy video editing services? Look at Adobe Premiere Elements 11

  • Description: Adobe programs are always highly regarded, however, you need to pay for them. With this program, you can use new and interesting effects—for example, slow motion or the opposite, speeding-up images. If you are interested in simplicity, than you do not have to be worry about anything. This program is easy to use. You can also share a video with friends through Vimeo. The cost of Premiere Pro is $99.99.
  • Advantages: highly professional service, user-friendly.
  • Disadvantages: lack of opportunity to share, except Vimeo.

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3

  • Description: Has great organization tools. This updated software has a speedier performance. Also, it has a powerful new Multicam support for both Thunderbolt and studio monitor output.
  • Advantages: high productive capacity, user-friendly interface.
  • Disadvantages: it’s too expensive – $299.99, for non-professionals. You cannot upload projects from the previous versions of this program.

Are you still here?;) For those who are still sure that best video editing is possible by their hands, I suggest to continue to the list of “video-wasting-money” services.

The next one is IMovie 11.

  • Description: This program is specially designed for Mac users. The price of this service is $79. Cropping, adding music and a preview, as you see it does not make something incredibly difficult . The question is, what is the point to pay money for elementary actions, which you may do online? Another option is to pay for video editing from the professionals at MovieLabBlog and save your time, nerves and money.
  • Advantages: simplicity.
  • Disadvantages: too expensive for such a poor pack of tools.

The next stop is a really cool Avid Media Composer 7

  • Description: it has everything to make you shocked. Improved interface and features, for example, an HD and automated media manager to cope with background tasks. It can do everything you want at the “modest price” of $999.
  • Advantages: a high quality program which suits professionals easily.
  • Disadvantages: very high price. Quite a difficult interface and pack of tools to use.

Buy Video Editing at a Moderate Price on MyMovieLab

Do you still have doubts about using video editing programs on your own? Leave the best video editing services with their high level of costs for Hollywood. Of course, if you are not going to choose cinematograph as your profession. We can easily make a cool video for you at a moderate price.

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