Our company

Who are we?

A team of enthusiastic video editors who have an in-depth experience in creating films, short clips, advertising videos, movie trailers, etc. We believe that there are moments that are worth remembering, and we help you do that by making videos with the most memorable moments of your life.

Our skills and experience

  • Video editing and post-production using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, etc.

  • Creative thinking and visual storytelling

  • Adding and cutting sound effects and music

  • Always learning new technologies and techniques and applying themF

How we work

  • 1
    First, we review the footage you send us, make sure it was properly captured and the sound is synced. Then we choose the best moments that can be used in a video and delete the ones we don't need. At this point, we start thinking about the general concept of your video.
  • 2
    Make a story
    This is exactly when the process of editing starts. We arrange the clips with the moments we've previously chosen to create a story out of your footage.
  • 3
    Prepare a final cut
    At this stage we pay attention to small details like transitions and effects, trim or add some moments, and get what is called a final cut.
  • 4
    Add sound
    When we have a final cut, it's about time we add some music and sound effects, which are an integral part of every video. We check if the sound is synced with the video, and if it corresponds to the visuals.
  • 5
    Make a final mix
    We add some final touches: make color and audio correction, put it some text, including credits and subtitles, and make sure it all looks perfect. Ready to get your video?

Our team

  • Den Girnyk

    The Computer Guy
  • Mollie Tautou

    The Globetrotter
  • Gabriel Van Osten

    The Boss
  • Karolina Bugaz

    The Perfectionist



    We want you to be certain that you like what you pay for. We do our best to meet the requirements of all our clients, even the most sophisticated and demanding ones.
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    Even famous film directors might not be fully satisfied with the final results, so they make revisions until they feel everything is perfect.
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    We are well aware that internet privacy is an urgent issue. However, you don't have to be concerned about privacy issues on our website.
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