The Main Tricks for Video Editing

Posted on September 7, 2015

We are going to share with you some tricks for editing that we find to make better cuts and make clips or videos easier to watch. If you have videos to edit, but don’t know how to start it, check out our tips that surely will help you.

The level of video editors’ skills vary greatly, however many of them are photographers who decide to make videos and want to learn how to edit them. You should try our tricks out in any case if you have videos to edit.

Shorter is better, but…

Because of apparent fighting for time on the web presented by all types of media, you’d better keep your videos or clips as short as possible. It can be applied for most cases, but also you can include some pauses that can make videos easier to watch, and as a result you can make longer videos.

If you have videos to edit, you may use so-called “breathing room.” Add 3-5 seconds of b-roll between one interview audiobyte and another, bring the music up to full and then lower it to start the next speaking section.

Including a “breathing room” cause a break in information the audience gets. Also, a small pause can trigger the viewer’s understanding that a new idea is going to start. If used in conjunctions with changes, these can add an amazing flow to the segments of interview.

Intro and outro videos with natural segues

Some editors use cross dissolves when they start or end a scene if they want to trigger the viewer’s understanding. Next time you are going to begin or end some scene, think whether you have a clip that lead to a new subject matter or not. Combing your two subject matters can make for smooth transitions.


A J-cut is named after the letter J, because the lower part of it goes further than the upper section. It means that the audio from the upcoming video plays prior to seeing the video it corresponds to. Be careful with this trick, a second or two will be enough. A J-cut feels very natural in a mental way. When we hear sound before seeing a video, it makes a mental “cut” with eyes from the thing which we’re looking at to see a new thing.

Cleaning up a dialogue

It is awful when a video is full of “umms” and other speaking mistakes. Surely, it is understandable when an editor can’t separate one word from another in the video. However if you can delete some thoughtless moments, simply do it. The trick is in using short audio fades. You will need some patience, but you will save a few seconds by doing this. And you already know that short videos are better than longer ones. Sometimes you should do a lot of cuts. It is better to make a dialogue sound a bit interrupted, than to distract audience with too many “umms.”

Markers in music tracks

This trick may seem old, but it’s appropriate almost during any video editing. Try to match edits where the sound hits on a crescendo or beat. Keep in mind that makers will come up in your timeline, if you just play the sound back in the viewer first and include those markers to it. Your markers will be put right into place if you simply line up your edits to them.


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