10 Tips for iPad Film Directors or How to Edit My Amateur Video

Posted on June 18, 2015

iPad (or any other tablet) can be of use at work, while your entertainment or traveling. You can film, edit and share your videos immediately. We have prepared the list of instructions and user friendly apps for creating unique video movies.


What should you take into account while filming?

  1. Stabilize your device. Shift it only if you have a reason.
  2. Try to stand still and comfortable to avoid shaky filming.
  3. While using Landscape or Portrait Modes hold your tablet horizontally to avoid black bars on both sides of the video.
  4. Focus. You should be focused on people or any other object you choose (not your tablet). Just touch the screen on the desired place.
  5. Touch the darkest area or the light spot on the screen to make your shots lighter or darken them.
  6. Fix the focus and exposure holding your finger on the selected area.
  7. Use the app Camera to film 1080p HD videos. Some third-party apps use the lower resolution.
  8. Zoom with 2-finger touch. Or it is better to come closer to the object (physical zoom). Digital zoom degrades both the quality of the video as well as the resolution.
  9. Find the right angle. Or if you are going to compile several videos, choose several angles to film.


  • Horizon 

The app helps you to get the horizontal videos and photos no matter how they were captured (horizontally, vertically or while rotating)

  • Spark

Spark Camera helps to record short movies, use filters and visual effects, applying music tracks and text comments. You can also share your output in social media.

  • Filmic Pro

Goal: you can use all the features of your iPad or iPhone to the maximum extent. Shooting modes: Manual, Standard and Hybryd (depending on your skills). Different resolutions and aspect ratios included. Variable Speed Zoom. Targeted Focus Pulls. Social media supported clients such as Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox.

  • Vizzywig

iOs movie making application Vizzywig lets you film, edit and preview your video footage in real time. And also share in social media.

  • Diptic Video

The app helps you to compile several movies into one 16-sec video collage.

  • 8mm for iPad

Vintage camera app which helps you to make retro movies with different effects – scratches or dust, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, even frame shakes. 7 lenses. 10 aged films. What you see in you viewfinder is what you get. Real time app.

  • Lightt

You can capture as many segments as you can, then combine them and edit, using effects like duplicating and reversing. You can also use titles.

  • Touchcast

Portable TV Studio which helps you to make HD videos on your desk or with mobile app, switching between back- and front-facing cameras, adjusting focus and mic levels, using green screen or visual/sound filters.


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